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March 16, 2011 / Leo Hollis

The London Historians

Yesterday I went to the launch party of the London Historians Group [] at Georgian Group’s elegant HQ on Fitzroy Square. The Group is a new one, run by the energetic Mike Paterson, but already seems to be making an impact. It is events like last night and the group itself that shows that history and the internet were made for each other. If you don’t yet believe me check out the Group’s blog:

It was fascinating to meet bloggers, historians and academics who were all talking and connecting. In particular I enjoyed meeting Tom Sykes: and Lucy Inglis:

While there is no proof that the internet is going to improve the job of the historian, which will more often than not be as lonely and archival as it ever was. However, the distribution of work, ideas and making those vital connections between disciplines may just have a profound impact on the culture surrounding history. Just because we study the past does not mean that we have to live there!

As a result, it is worth celebrating the arrival of The London History Group and wish it every success.


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